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Chiao Bin Huang's graceful and beautiful movements captivated the audience during her performance. Afterward, the students had the opportunity to participate with ribbons as well. Chiao encouraged them to express themselves in similar movements. Having her at the Dallin Elementary School in Arlington was a wonderful opportunity allowing the children a glimpse into the Chinese culture. We look forward to having her return.


"I just wanted to write you to tell you how wonderful your workshops were at the school last week. The children were captivated with you. It was just wonderful. I have heard so many positive remarks from parents and teachers. Thank you for all of your efforts."


"Thank you so much for your engaging Chinese Ribbon Dance performances. Each of the the first grade teachers mentioned how much they and their students enjoy the program. It was such a pleasure for me to watch the anticipation of the children as they waited their turns to go into the gym. Their eyes grew so large as they saw their peers doing their own ribbon dances.

Although both of my children had the pleasure of participating in your program, I had never seen you perform before Friday. Like the Fiske first graders, I was mesmerized by the history, intricacy and beauty of the dance. Thank you for sharing your talents with the Fiske community."


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